About Matrix Professor
The Matrix Professor is a fully licensed brand of Brain Box Services Limited. As a company our vision has been to advance Nigerian Concept of Technology, by equipping engineering graduates, with advanced skills in modern design soft wares used in the industry, so as to enable smooth transition from the tertiary institutions to the highly competitive and increasingly computerized workplace. Thus addressing the issue of employability, and enhancing local content participation especially in the oil and Gas Industry.

This is an audio/visual tutorial of the highly technical engineering design software packages for which training in our ultra-modern computer laboratory already has strong reputation.

The Matrix Professor is designed to meet the needs of engineering students, plant operators and managers, technocrats and instructors. People of various engineering and technical background with interest in process simulation shall also find the package very useful.

Why use Matrix Professor?

It is very simplified that students and practicing engineers alike can use at the comfort of their personal computer.
The course content is tailored in-line with our educational curriculum and industrial practices and the test-run have received good testimonials.

Products available on the Brand are AutoCAD, PDMS, HYSYS, CEASER II, MATLAB, PV Elite, and SOLIDWORKS.

About the licensing

The matrix professor products are locked using Digital Rights Management, thus they require a license.
When one buys the multimedia video tutorial, a license will be issued to the individual.
This license can only be used once by you and lasts for 365 days

Steps to activate your license

Slot in the DVD into your system, then backup the files into your system memory.
Ensure that your system is connected to the internet, click on any of the video lessons.
Ensure that your Anti-virus/firewall is temporally disabled.
Click on upgrade if an upgrade dialog box pop up.
Enter your license on the media usage right acquisition dialog box.
Click on get license and start enjoying your tutorial video.
N/B , you don’t need internet for subsequent usage.