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With affordable tuition fees, quality education, post-study work options & world renowned institutions, Canada is a leading destination for studying abroad.
There Are Numerous Benefit Studying In Canada, Below Are Just Few:

1. Tuition fees in Canada is very lower than that of the US,New Zealand, Australia and UK.
2. There are so many provinces looking for people in Canada, and the cost of living and tuition rate in those province is relatively much lower starting from $1,000 (CAD) and above.
3. Work permit is given to international students to work on and off-campus, unlike in the US where students are restricted only to work on-campus besides a lot of such jobs don’t pay that much and its very competitive because everyone is trying to get a job in-campus, but studying in Canada pave ways for international students to work on and off campus to be able to raise more money to cover them tuition, fees and so on.
4. The great thing about studying in Canada is that it is very easy to become a permanent resident in Canada. PR is equivalent to green-card in the US and as such entitles you to rights and benefits excluding voting privileges.
Canadian institution is in top 10 in the world, the quality of education is outstanding because the professors come from the most prestigious universities in the world. So basically if you consider the quality and the lower tuition rate, Canadian Universities are absolutely a better choice.

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Permanent Residence (PR)

On January 1,2015, the Canadian Government implemented the Express Entry immigration system under the economics class including Federal skilled workers program, Federal Skilled Trades, Canadian Experience Class and Provincial Nomination Program. PR is a program by which the government selects the best applicantto become a permanent resident in Canada. This process is a point base system and it’s highly competitive. The Point Based System Are Determined By:

Level of English
Previous work experience
Age of applicant
Education of applicant
Job offers in Canada,if any
Relatives or your or your spouse’s past work or study or spouse’s language ability.

With the permanent residency you are just a step close to become a Canadian citizen.

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